Hello there!

My name is Ken Davies. I am a technical author who gets a kick (a hard one) out of writing hundred-odd page manuals.

I accidentally got into technical authoring while travelling in Taiwan shortly after finishing at the University of Essex. Replacing the backpack with corporate attire, I found work at a systems integrator developing a relational database system, where I was once again revisiting tables and E-R diagrams, and SELECT statements that I first saw at University, while learning the rudiments of the technical authoring trade.

Some of my work includes creating marketing copy for the 17 by 17 cm Mini-ITX small-form factor motherboard (though as a marketing specialist), writing training material at a prominent anti-virus solutions company, and, more recently, communicating map technologies for cartographic software providers in Cambridge, England.

I am genuinely fascinated with how this profession is evolving, and the infinite possibilities of technology and user experiences.

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